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Sober podcast Recovery

Glenn H

Glenn grew up in a Christian home around Philly and really didn't start drinking alcohol until after college and in the business world.  Various promotions to traveling roles and Glenn worked hard during the day and partied hard at night - For many years - Booze was a great friend and worked very well. At some point, Glenn crossed that invisible line from social drinking to dependent drinking. "My alcoholism was progressive...  every day was a day closer to hell" glenn says...   After losing all he had, many detoxes, rehabs, doctors, meds, books and a 1/2 ass stab at AA, Glenn surrendered in 2014.  


"I will do whatever you tell me to do, I just cannot take another drink"  muttered Glenn as he sat on his counselor's floor on a friday afternoon - after a painful 8 day detox.  He had used those words before, but this time...  he meant them!!!   From that day forward, he has taken direction from those on the path ahead of him - most times against his will - and to this day, he still surrenders...  


Glenn's WHY:   Someone recently told Glenn that his most valuable asset in life is his story of sobriety - his experience, strength and hope - so as part of Step 12, Glenn shares it with anyone on their sober path to recovery.  Glenn agrees with Mike "if we can help one person...  our story is worth it"....  

Mikey R

Mikey, born and raised in Chicago was living what he thought was a typical life that included "recreational" use of alcohol from a young age. While years of social drinking initially didn't have negative consequences, Mike's peace, serenity, happiness, relationships and opportunities were eroded on a daily basis.  At one point, alcohol became a "requirement" and the consequences started piling up.  


On October 13, 2018 - Mike surrendered to those that had figured out how to live a day without booze ruling their lives.  With each new 24 hours, passion and purpose replace pain...  peace replace chaos ...  confidence replace fear and so on...   I walk the sober path of recovery intensely and reap rewards beyond imagination.  


WHY a Podcast:  Mike signed on to Sober.Coffee due to a deep desire to share what he has learned on the path to recovery - with others.  Mike loves helping newcomers as they navigate their new path.  "If I can help one individual toward sober success, my purpose has been fulfilled."

Sober podcast Recovery

Behind every great man  ...

Well, except for the “great man thing”, we are big believers that we are where we are today, in great part, because of the overwhelming support of our awesome better halves! Thanks Nanc and Jen for all you do. Especially for allowing us to spend time serving others. You guys rock our worlds!!

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